Economic Index

Centre for Genetics of the Polish Federation of Cattle Breeders and Dairy Farmers has completed a project that has resulted in the first Polish Economic Index. The Economic Index (IE) created for the Polish Holstein-Friesian cattle is a total breeding value of the individual. IE contains the following traits: fat yield, protein yield, milk yield, somatic cell score, days open, heifer conception rate, cow conception rate, longevity, stature, udder, feet and legs. Economic Index is expressed in PLN and allow for comparison of milk production profits in relation to the single lactation.

The relative emphasis on the traits in the Economic Index are: milk yield 21%, somatic cell score 19%, protein yield 16%, days open 13%, fat yield 12%, stature 9%, longevity 5%, udder 2%, heifer and cow conception rate 2%, feet and legs 1%. Economic weights were derived based on the national conditions. The IE index enables selection of cattle, both males and females, which focus on maximizing profits from genetic progress. Each value of the IE index has its accuracy, which indicate how precisely the index was estimated.

Economic index will be published from the December evaluation. Results for the best males are here. Soon on this page we will add more information about the index.

The most important benefits for the breeder from the implementation of the economic index:

  • breeding values of animals will be expressed in Polish zloty (PLN),
  • better economic balance of the herd,
  • maximization of profits through optimal selection based on the national conditions,
  • easier breeding decisions,
  • better use of breeding value estimations,
  • more efficient use of genomic selection.